We take our social responsibility seriously, and accordingly apply a comprehensive sustainability strategy. Bringing economy and ecology into harmony is a central goal of our company.

Consumer expectations of balanced nutrition have changed. Fears of toxins and the desire for an authentic flavour experience have made the market for organic products one of the fastest-growing segments.

We meet these new expectations with our SaphirBio brand. All SaphirBio products meet the stipulations of EU Ecological Regulation (EWG) No. 834/2007, and are produced entirely from natural raw materials, without the use of flavour enhancers, artificial flavours or colours, to the benefit of people, animals and the environment. Of course, great taste is always included.


The sun provides energy abundantly. With photovoltaic modules, we could use that power efficiently and also could save the environment by conserving CO², because the energy production out of sunlight is a clean solution for our environment.

For the construction of the building, next to aesthetics and function, special attention was paid to the sustainability of the building.

Sustainable buildings are:

  1. Economically effective
  2. Environment-friendly
  3. Healthy for its users

In this case, the intended aims were achieved by following measures:

  1. By a solid, efficient way of construction and a good insulation only a low heat loss can come up.
  2. The waste heat, produced during operation (e.g. compressors), is made available for the offices by cross-flow heat exchangers.
  3. A part of the electrical energy, required for operation, is generated by the photovoltaic installation (535 kWp) on the rooftop.
  4. By the use of modern technologies (heat pump, condensing appliance technology) a high energy-efficiency, thus low operating costs are achieved.

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